14 Oct 2018

TIMMINS, Ont. – Mine Safety Solutions is proudly showing off its new MSS5 safety gloves at the 2018 International Mine Rescue Competition, taking place in Russia this week. MSS strives to make worksites safer with a fresh approach to safety equipment, said president Anthony Gilin. The new safety gloves combine state of the art technology […]

09 Aug 2017

On August 8, 2017, Anthony Gilin, President of Mine Safety Solutions, was interviewed for the CBC’s Up North with Jason Turnbull. Anthony explained how his drive to create a safer work environment began, and how the project has evolved over the three years he’s dedicated to developing the product. Take a listen to the entire […]

21 Jul 2017

We’re looking for individuals to participate in a pilot project to test our new safety gloves, Model 1. We anticipate being ready to send out test samples in October 2017, but we need more participants to ensure they’re tested in a variety of environments. To ensure the gloves meet the highest standards of quality and safety […]

22 Jun 2017

Today was our first day of testing at the NORCAT training centre in Subury. We had six participants in the test wearing the gloves and testing them out in a mining environment. We’re so grateful to these participants, to NORCAT, and to our various funders and supporters for helping us get to this stage.

06 May 2017

I’m currently seeking interested investors to help develop my new safety gloves. If you know of a company or individual that may be interested, please share. We are an innovation company, creating new safety products. Right now we are working on a new pair of tight fitting safety gloves providing 360° protection called Model 1. […]

28 Apr 2017

We’ve received $1,500 from NEOnet for testing samples of our gloves. The tests will be conducted the NORCAT training facility in Sudbury. Over a 30 day period, we will test 50 pairs of safety gloves to determine how well the gloves fare in a mining environment. This is an exciting and HUGE leap forward in the process […]

19 Apr 2017

On April 6 2017, I attended the NOA business pitch to seek potential investors to bring Mine Safety Solutions to the next stage of this business venture. I am very grateful to receive so much support from government organizations as well as private such as: IRAP Norcat Neonet If you have any questions, please contact […]

27 Apr 2016

Please join us tomorrow, at the National Day of Mourning, as we pay our respects to the men and women who have been injured, suffered illness, or were killed in the workplace. We also extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of these men and women. Let’s work together to reduce the number of families […]