21 Jul 2017

We’re looking for individuals to participate in a pilot project to test our new safety gloves, Model 1. We anticipate being ready to send out test samples in October 2017, but we need more participants to ensure they’re tested in a variety of environments.

To ensure the gloves meet the highest standards of quality and safety before you or your employees ever put them on, testing is currently underway at the Northern Centre for Advanced Technology. When this 30-day testing period is complete, we will use the feedback to further improve the product quality. After that, we’ll be completing laboratory testing to further test and quantify the product specs.

Our goal is to send out 500 pairs of safety gloves to participants, and we are already about halfway to our goal. The cost of each pair of gloves during this testing period is just $14 plus tax. After testing, you will be invited to fill out a survey to give us a better understanding and how we can improve the product quality before its official launch.We expect that Model 1 will be launched in early 2018.

Please contact us and let us know the quantity and size of gloves you’d like to order, as well as provide your mailing/contact information. Thank you for your help during this critical step of the pre-launch process.