11 Mar 2016

There is a big announcement for our company! We have received approval to become a corporation. We are now known as Mine Safety Solutions Corp. We are headed by Anthony Gilin, Founder/CEO. This is huge step forward for the company, as this opens up more opportunities for funding to help this product become a reality.

24 Feb 2016

Big announcement today for Mine Safety Solutions. Our unique glove design is another step closer to becoming an actuality. The meeting with Timmins Economic Development Corporation and National Research Council Canada went substantially well. They like the design and our idea. The advisor from National Research Council Canada will be setting up a conference call […]

28 Nov 2015

Mining is a dangerous industry. Men and women put their lives at risk on a daily basis. Our hearts are heavy to hear the news of the tragedy at Musslewhite Mine. Our condolences go out to the miner’s family, friends, and co-workers in their time of loss.  

26 Nov 2015

After months of waiting, our material will finally be here for the next stage: to test the material out. If Mine Safety Solutions decides that this material is what we are on a quest for, the next move will be to conduct these materials in be tested by the Canadian Safety Association. We expect that […]

04 Jun 2015

Mine Safety Solutions is committed to improving existing products as well as develop new high-quality products that will ultimately lead to a significant reduction in the number of work-related injuries of all of Canada. According to Statistics Canada, hand injuries account for 25% of the total work-related injuries in Canada. We are therefore currently putting […]