Did you know that approximately 500,000 hand injuries occur in Canada each year?

While purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE) can be expensive, the cost of not using PPE is much higher. Each injury an employee suffers will cost you a great deal in insurance claims, medical bills, workers’ compensation payouts, not to mention the hiring and training costs related to replacing an injured worker. The Canadian government estimates that the average lost-time hand injury costs $7,500 per incident. Clearly, the cost of not using PPE outweighs the upfront cost of acquiring it.

According to Workplace Safety North’s Hand Injury Participant Manual, approximately 50% of all injuries to hands and fingers are cuts and puncture wounds. It also indicates that 51% of hand injuries result from being struck by a falling object or while handling an object. Simply do the math: if a cut-resistant, impact-reducing glove costs $40 more per pair than a general-purpose work glove, and a single hand injury costs you $7500, you could have bought 187 pairs of Mine Safety Solutions safety gloves with that same amount money.

Prevention is key, but durability also matters. While some companies will offer you disposable or short-term-use gloves at discount prices, this does not always save you money in the long run. A highly durable glove that can withstand the heavy use and high demands of your industry will save you a great deal in replacement costs.



An ROI calculator to help you calculate your savings when you buy PPE.


For more information on hand health and safety in the workplace, read the Hand Injuries Participant Manual (PDF).