Plant Nappy -Spill prevention

Plant Nappy® is a light weight and user friendly method of spill containment. Designed to withstand all weather conditions, it is rugged enough to stand  equipment on it all year round to contain the odd mishap that could occur on site. Patented technology that is unmatched, offering a user-friendly solution for spill containment that replaces traditional products such as drip trays.

With the Plant Nappy, fuels and oils are rapidly absorbed into the lining which makes moving it a breeze without fear of dropping or spilling any contaminates. The side walls of the Plant Nappy are tough but retain their flexibility. This removes worries of broken trays and allows the user to drive their vehicle or equipment right on top of it thanks to the shape retention. To clean up, simply dispose of the Plant Nappy with your other contaminated goods, or to increase the life of your Plant Nappy, use the removable liners and change them when necessary.

When using a drip tray outdoors there is the fear of the elements. The sun can weaken plastic, the wind can blow over trays, and rain can cause overflows. The Plant Nappy is UV resistant, offering excellent resistance to color fade and UV breakdown. If the wind and rain is a concern in your working environment, then you can use pegs and secure the Plant Nappy using its four securing tabs. Any issue with rain is avoided thanks to the lining which repels water, and the sidewalls which allow rainwater to pass through while keeping the contaminates inside.

The Plant Nappy®

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