Envirocleanse A

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Envirocleanse A Anolyte
Solution is a powerful
disinfectant/biocide that is
environmentally friendly,
completely biodegradable and
non-toxic. It is both EPA
registered and FDA approved.

General hard surface disinfection – EPA
• Biocide for Oil & Gas Applications Such As
Elimination and treating of both MIC (Microbial
Induced Corrosion) and SRB (Sulfate Reducing
Bacteria) – EPA approved
• Food Disinfection – FDA approved
• Water Disinfection
• Medical Disinfection
• HVAC Biofilm Removal & Prevention

Compared to other commonly used disinfectants today, Anolyte does
not contain any xenobiotic (synthetically produced) chemicals, and
most importantly does not have any harmful effects on humans or
warm blooded animals. The EPA has designated Anolyte with the
lowest possible category of toxicity, compared to all other
disinfectants currently in use, such as glutaraldehyde, chloramine,
sodium hypochlorite (bleach), per acetic acid, quaternary
ammonium products, THPS and others.

Anolyte has a unique, and complex mode of action as an antimicrobial.
Independent laboratory testing has shown Envirocleanse 500 is an
effective, hard-surface, disinfecting agent against bacteria & virus
(including e-coli, listeria, salmonella, etc.), viruses (including polio,
H1N1, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, etc. and Noro viruses –
feline and murine) , fungi (including mycobacterium TB) and spores. It
has an effect ONLY on microbes, not humans or other warm blooded

4 Gallons per case

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