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Mine Safety Solutions

Mine Safety Solutions (est. 2015) is a Canadian owned and operated company that focuses on developing cutting-edge safety products for the mining, construction, forestry, manufacturing, and service industries. Our goal is to create new and innovative safety products that ensure the highest level of safety in these demanding fields. Ultimately, we want everyone to come home safely.

By reducing the number of workplace injuries, companies can avoid many of the direct and indirect costs of workplace injuries, which may include court settlements, disability claims and training people to replace injured workers.


We aim to significantly decrease the number of workplace injuries by creating innovative safety products that are responsive to the needs of the mining, forestry, construction, manufacturing, and service industries. We truly believe that, “Together We Can Make A Difference.”

Safety Equipment


We envision a world where safety comes first. Our safety products and equipment will revolutionize the industries we serve.

Our Leadership

Anthony Gilin is the President of Mine Safety Solutions. He founded the company after obtaining his Business Management certificate from Northern College. Anthony was inspired to develop new safety products after sustaining a hand injury while a labourer in a previous job. In 2017, Anthony was nominated for a Premier’s Award in the Recent Graduate category.

Anthony Gilin, President of Mine Safety Solutions
Anthony Gilin, President of Mine Safety Solutions
Bailey Whissel
Bailey Whissel, Director of Marketing


Model 1 was our first major product development project. We’d like to thank the following organizations for their help in testing this product. Without them, Model 1 would never have made it to market.