Mine Safety Solutions is a Canadian-based company that began research and development in 2015, in partnership with Northern College, and subsequently launched the first MSS safety gloves in June of 2018.

Anthony Gilin (Founder) gained interest in developing improved PPE gear after being injured on the job and almost losing his hand when a 150-pound bar fell on him. His mission with MSS is to make a difference in the workplace by further preventing similar injuries from debilitating other hard workers with better PPE.  

Anthonys current line of gloves serves to fill a gap in the market for reasonably prices gloves that offer the most protection without compromising dexterity. MSS gloves provide industry-leading protection from cuts, impacts, vibrations, and punctures.

In 2021, Mine Safety Solutions continues to focus on creating innovative and optimal safety products for mining, construction, forestry, manufacturing, and other industries.

Out team has the abilities to design, manufacture and fulfil all types of safety products to protect from workplace hazards. Our safety products and advanced technologies are designed and tested to meet the demands of the markets that we serve.

With safety as our first priority, we strive to be innovative and provide reliable safety products to improve workplace safety and productivity.

Think Safety, Think MSS.