MSS began our research and development in 2015, in partnership with Northern College, and subsequently launched the first MSS safety gloves in June of 2018.

After being injured on the job I launched this company, with the intention of making a difference through preventing similar injuries from debilitating other hard workers.

The incident: I fractured my hand when the weight of 150-pound bar dropped on me. This drove me to think about safety in the workplace from a critical perspective.

After conducting research on workplace injuries and personal protective equipment I identified a gap in the market, this is when MSS safety gloves were born.

Our safety gloves are designed to give the wearer full dexterity, allowing them to handle small parts and details without the need to remove their gloves. Without compromising dexterity our gloves provide industry-leading protection from cuts, impacts, vibrations, and punctures.

We are proud to share on May 9th 2019 we won the Innovation Award at the Nova Awards!

At MSS we strive to be innovative and out-of-the-box in our thinking to provide a PPE lineup that is highly functional for the wearer, durable and safeguards workers from hazards related to their job.

We have now teamed up with a soft goods engineer company to create that unique products. Reduce the number of injuries in your workplace.