The Bull - WOS-108- Winter

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Item ID: WOS-108


  • C100 3M Thinsulate Lining™ With Fleece For Exceptional Warmth in Sub-Zero Temperatures
  • A5 Puncture 3 on Palm Side Only
  • Grade A Full Grain Goatskin Leather
  • Powerful Defiant Impact Protection™ TPR Impact Guards
  • Stout’s proprietary TPR is designed to disperse impact force energy away from the hand by distributing impact outwards and upwards to absorb the force and reduce as much injury as possible. Stout TPR creates a cushion barrier from the tip of the fingertip, over the knuckle and to the back of the hand, equaling a reduction in peak impact force.
  • EVA Anti-Vibration Gel-Padded Palm
  • Double Stitched Kevlar ® Seams
  • ANSI Cut 5 Spam Fabric, Steel


  • Premium grade A goatskin leather
  • Defiant Impact Protection™ TPR (back of hand)
  • EVA gel padded palm
  • Double stitched Kevlar

Safety Ratings 

  • Impact Level 2
  • ANSI Cut A5
  • ANSI Puncture 3

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