Innovate Safety

Industrial Design 

Our industrial design team has over 30 years of combined experience developing products. First, we understand our client's requirements to reduce injuries in the workplace and create a functional product to prevent accidents.

Understanding the workplace environment and what safety gear is currently being used when accidents occur, our #1 Goal is to find a solution to our client's problem. 

Industrial design is where the information is visualized and brought to life through concept drawings, method testing, and exploring forms to define the design of your safety product. 

Design Engineering & Development 

Once a concept is ready, this step allows us to evaluate and test your design, ensuring that all sensitive components are protected, and that manufacturing is feasible.  Designers and engineers are experts in product cost reduction and designing your product to regulatory standards such as CSA, UL, ISO, FDA, and FCC.  Using state-of-the-art CAD tools, the team will create and refine the initial design concepts into a three-dimensional assembly model of your product, showcasing all of its physical components and hardware.


With a prototype created, the team can test your product’s usability while confirming its look and feel. This step allows us to integrate any electronic hardware and software and refine any design specifications to ensure everything is precise before it’s manufactured. 

Patents & Trademark

Protecting your product innovation is critical to be successful in today’s market. We work closely with patents and trademarks agents to develop a cost-effective IP strategy that includes trademarks and patents. Trademarks and patents are critical if you intend to market the product yourself or to license it to someone else. 


We have a network of manufactures in China, Pakistan as well as North America. 

Loans & Grants 

We understand creating a safety product can be very costly; that's why we can connect your business for government funding or a loan. 

Contact MSS  today, and let's work together in creating a difference in your workplace. 

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