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Created by long-time scaffolder, Pete Zeppetella, Zeppsgear is an innovation work gear company that started with the signature patented jacket. Zeppgear’s jackets are made to allow the worker to wear their harness comfortably and safely underneath their jacket.

In 2011 Pete Zeppetella was searching for a way to wear his harness underneath his jacket in the winter for increased warm, comfort, and mobility. He cut a slit in the back of his jacket to allow for the D-Ring to slide through and thought this was the solution everybody was looking for. However, one day he slipped and fell while wearing this jacket and the jacket flew up around his neck creating a critical choking hazard as he was suspended in the air. Luckly he is here today to tell the story, and be the beginning of the creation of Zeppsgear. A safe solution in the worker’s search for ideal comfort and mobility on job sites. Current day, Zeppsgear has been providing safe work gear to unions and companies internationally while expanding their impact through new innovation. The Knuckle Saving Rachet was created out of needs expressed by scaffolders and iron workers in Ontario, Canada. With other products and tools in the pipeline, you can guarantee they all come directly from the needs of workers as Pete Zeppetella is a current full time scaffolding foreman. There is no truer saying for Zeppsgear than, made by the worker for the worker.

This special garment enables a worker to wear their safety harness in a more comfortable and convenient manner while at their job site, while providing better mobility in accordance with regulations.

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